How to Attract More of What You Want into Your Life

I have been a huge fan of Wayne Dyer and his message that our thoughts create our reality. I think a big misconception around the Law of Attraction is that you can just sit on the couch, think about what you want and it will appear. No wonder people think it is a bunch of crap. This is not my experience of how this works. For me it is a BELIEF + ACTION.

For example, before we moved to Glenwood, we found a house that we fell in love with. We kept our eye on it but knew it was unlikely to be available as we weren’t moving for at least another year. Sure enough, when we moved up here and began our search it wasn’t on the market. We ended up showing our realtor a picture of the house and what we liked about it. Low and behold it came back on the market – a short sale none the less – and we ended up getting it.

We had worked hard to save money for the house, living very frugally while staying with our parents while we transitioned. We were diligent about our search and even had to switch realtors during the process. I guess my point is NONE of this was easy, but we always had that house as part of our vision. You need to WORK for it while BELIEVING it is possible.
I could tell you a million other examples of when positive things happened for me – such as paying off nearly $10,000 in student loans in one year – that were more than coincidence or good luck.

So here are some basic things you can do today to start attracting what you want into your life:

1. Write it down.
With inspiration from Rachel Hollis (if you don’t know who that is, you need to look her up) I write down the ten dreams “I made happen” each morning. I actually write each of them as if they have already happened.

2. Think about aligning your actions.
Take time to think about how your actions are aligning (or not aligning) with your dreams and take responsibility for making the necessary changes.

3. Come up with daily goals.
Set daily goals that gets you one step closer to your dream or that is an energetic investment in your dream. That is why I blog, post on social media and meet up with people for coffee on a regular basis.

4. Let go of the “how.”
Sometimes we aren’t sure how our dream could happen. When I wanted to pay off my student loans in a year, I knew even if I increased my payments it wouldn’t be enough. I made additional payments anyway and out of no where I was gifted a large amount of money. I knew exactly where to invest it. You may not know how but keep on moving in the general direction and opportunities will present themselves.

I encourage you to try this out and see what happens. Worst case scenario you end up where you are at right now. Best case scenario your dreams come true! Let me know what happens – I am always thrilled to hear about others success using this law.

Best, Ashley