Become a part of the sober social club this month with Daring Women!

We want to explore the sober curious movement with you and other like-minded women for “Sober October”! As a group, we will be exploring the various relationships we have with alcohol – from being in recovery, to taking on a year long sobriety challenge to just changing the relationship we have with alcohol. Through this discussion, we hope to achieve a deeper understanding of our personal relationship with alcohol – shaping a healthier lifestyle and creating social connections outside of alcohol.

This event will be led by amazing women in the health community, such as:

-Donna Lee Humble – Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach

-Amy Denicke – DC, IFMCP with Core Flex Wellness and Chiropractic

-Ericka Anderson – Licensed Professional Counselor at the Healing Groove

-Ashley Mauldin – MA, LPC, EMDR and CEO of Daring Women

-Megan Haines – Motivational speaker and leader in a year-long sober challenge

Learn more about the event and RSVP at Eventbrite.

To be announced soon. Stay tuned!