Daring Women and Sexuality

I have spoken to many women, men and couples over the years who feel disconnected, disengaged or straight up disinterested in sex or sexuality. For many women it goes back to earlier traumatic sexual experiences – such as being coerced into sex or into things they weren’t necessarily comfortable doing.

As women, we are also bombarded with constant societal messages about sex. These have become so engrained that we may not even recognize how prevalent they are. The messages themselves are overwhelming because there is literally no way to “get it right” or be “enough.”

Women are sold the message from a young age that our bodies aren’t okay. That we are too fat, too thin, our breasts aren’t big enough, and the list goes on and on. It is rare to meet a woman who is in love with their body – who feels like they are enough. This can be a major roadblock for women to enjoy sex or sexual activities.

Many of the beliefs that we grew up with are just not true but it is difficult to dismantle them. We are taught that virginity is how we are valued sexually but in the same breath we are expected to be experienced and open once we do engage in sex. It hasn’t been until more recently that the body positive movement has started to increase in popularity and media is beginning to move (slightly) toward inclusion of different body types, race and sexual orientation. We have a long way to go and let’s face it – people who connect
to sense of “not enough” are more primed to buy products than people who feel satisfied with themselves.

I dare you to take your power back – to learn to love yourself and begin to move out of the culturally conditioned beliefs that we were born into. To truly be YOU – your full authentic self – you need to know yourself sexually and embrace that part of yourself. Our sexuality is as unique as our fingerprints. The journey into a deeper level of connection and discovery of our sexuality is a path too few people take but has infinite value. Having dialogue about our
sexuality is a beautiful place to begin or continue this inquiry.

Join us for our FREE event: Daring Women and Sexuality. Led by Rachelle Anslyn, founder of Dirt and Soul, we will create a conversation to illuminate, connect and create new pathways to know our bodies and this primal energy within us. The beauty and power of women in circle is worth the risk it takes to show up!

Pre-registration is required, so sign up here!