Dare to Have a Good Day

Do you find yourself waking up and just going through the motions? Or waiting all week for the weekend to come? Do you wonder how other people are out there living the life you would love to live?

I dare you to ask yourself this question: how much of my life am I living intentionally?

I know you want to dare more in your life so I want to share some tips that have been
instrumental in helping me to become more productive, successful, and happy each day.

1. Get up earlier.
I know you hate me for saying this but it is one of the few ways to find more
time for yourself. Getting up early allows me to do healthy things to prime my mind, body,
and soul for the day ahead. It also helps me feel less rushed and in a better mood for my

2. Do something active.
I have never been an early morning workout person and still struggle with this. I recently heard a quote by motivational speaker and author Mel Robbins that really resonated with me – “You are never going to feel like it – but do it anyway.” I frequently remind myself of this because I don’t feel like it. Even if you don’t workout, make some time to stretch or do some gentle yoga.

3. Meditate.
There are SO many studies on the power of meditation and how beneficial it is.
Plus, almost every high performing and successful person I know does this. Try HeadSpace
or another meditation app to help motivate you.

4. Plan out your day.
Figure out what your goals are for the day, including how you want to show up with your significant other, friends, family and/or coworkers. This will help you do what is truly important and steer clear of things that are a waste of time. If you only make one change after reading this I would plan your day. Check out Brendon Burchard for more advice on how to organize this.

Let me know what you think below or what things you daring to incorporate into your life.