Dare to Get Uncomfortable

How often does getting uncomfortable get in the way of your goals? I bet it’s more often than you think. When we stay in a comfortable place we usually aren’t even aware that we’re playing it safe. Comfortable does not necessarily mean happy. It can range anywhere from staying at home each night with a glass of wine in yoga pants (which by the way I love to do) to staying in a dysfunctional or toxic relationship because it’s all you’ve ever known.

When we stay in our comfort zones we end up settling rather than pushing ourselves to become exceptional. It’s uncomfortable starting to workout when we haven’t in months, years or maybe ever. It’s scary to try something we’ve never done before, especially if there will be other people there. We worry about what other people will think of us if we do something different than we have before.

Here’s the thing though – the more we get uncomfortable the more courageous we become. The things we once thought were too difficult or even impossible we can now do with ease. It turns out that much of the fear of judgment from others was actually more of a story we created rather than a reality. There will be times where someone doesn’t like what we are doing, someone who is not supportive or someone who is very judgmental. Although it can be extremely hurtful, this is GOOD information. This knowledge will push you to truly evaluate the relationship – do you want to have someone in your life that makes you feel that way? I’m not suggesting you need to cut them out entirely, but I am saying that creating more distance in those relationships can be very liberating.

One thing that helps me get out of my comfort zone is asking myself each day “What is one bold action I can take today?” I wish I could say I made this up, but it is part of a planner I purchased (High Performance Planner if you’d like to check it out here). This is a really difficult yet inspiring question for me to answer. I have laughed numerous times while trying to think of something bold to do on a Sunday, which is usually when I meal plan and get groceries. It is a great challenge to get out of your comfort zone. I promise you will be glad you started asking yourself this. Try this out for yourself and let us know what bold and uncomfortable things you do and how this shifts things in your life.