Cultivating a Resilient Spirit Through Movement


Often times powerlessness is more of a belief than a reality. There are things in life that “happen to us” that are truly not in our control. A natural disaster occurs, someone we love becomes ill or dies, we lose a job we thought we’d be at for a long time. It is completely normal to feel helpless or powerless at times but this can become extremely problematic if we stay in that position for too long.

The challenge is to find meaning or purpose within these events. For me, it’s realizing that whatever is happening to me is there to teach me something – about myself, about others or the world. This doesn’t mean I like the lesson or welcome it with open arms. Usually I resist it, kicking and screaming while feeling consumed by anger, resentment and fear. But I can say with certainty that there is not one thing I have experienced that didn’t lead to more empathy, understanding and compassion – for myself and for others.

Becoming more mindful, present and grounded are some ways to gain clarity and create a “resilient spirit.” Easier said than done for sure. But these quiet, contemplative moments can help us better understand what is going on for us. They bring awareness to our bodies and create some detachment from our ever-racing thoughts. Some of the best ways for me to become grounded are actually through movement. Being consumed in a workout is a great way to get grounded – having to focus on my body and my surroundings rather than getting lost in my own head. Or getting away from it all on a long hike.

Movement also makes me feel more powerful. It reminds me that even though external circumstances are often out of my control, I have the luxury of being able to move and create a state of internal peace or presence, even if only for a moment.

Join us as we further explore elements of inner-peace, creating a resilient spirit and moving out of powerlessness at Daring Women and Martial Arts. Martial arts actually have a major focus on internal discipline and movement toward peace – peace for both ourselves and the world around us.